Osteria Al Bacco Venezia, Since 1990 on the New York Times

typical venetian dishes, wine, meat, fish & vegetarian.

“Osteria al bacco on the periphery of the old ghetto  is open only at night (NO more, we’re now open also at lunch), which is the best time to sample its selection of seafood.

A Sunday brunch could consist of seafood risotto, cappe sante (large, tender, sweet scallops) or baccalà mantecato, a seafood mousse made from codfish and fresh cream.

This is also a good place to try sarde in saor, large sardines marinated in a sauce of vinegar, pine nuts and white raisins.”

The New York Times


abundant place to sit, both for families, couples and groups


one of the rare gardens in venice.


open from 10 am - 3 pm and 6 pm - 10.30 pm. Tuesday closed.

Seen on the Plane Magazine

Osteria al Bacco was also featured in the article “the venice that most tourists miss” on “The Guardian”